Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn


Without a good strategy, you can never win a battle! These are the minds that brought THU from the realm of dreams to reality. These are the omnipresent men and women who work behind the curtain and also by your side.


Team andre

andré luís

Co-founder / Director

Team ines

inês santos silva


Team catia

cátia domingues

Executive Producer

Team luis

luís branco "cajó"

Hospitality Manager

margarida marquês

Production Assistant

Team margarida

kátia serralheiro

Production Assistant

Team katia

lynette clee

Public Relations

Team lynette

rui simas

Communication Director

Team rui
Team horse
Team knight

advisory board

afonso salcedo

Advisory afonso

josé alves da silva

Advisory jose

loic zimmermann

Advisory loic

serge birault

Advisory serge

marc simonetti

Advisory marc


scott ross


thank you to our soldiers

  • Alissar Kobeissi
  • André David
  • Catarina Nunes
  • Carlos Soares
  • Guilherme Martins
  • Inês Fontinha
  • João Machado
  • Madalena Leitão
  • Márcia Ferreira
  • Pedro Geada
  • Rita Afonso
  • Sara Silva
  • Sérgio Cerqueira

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