Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2014 has been chosen to host the world premier of Loic Zimmermann's documentary "GAMMA WRAY - The painter's journey of William Wray".
September 16th, at 10:30 PM (22h30), in the Techno Image Room, Loic Zimmermann's first documentary will be presented to both THU speakers and attendees in an exclusive screening session.
"GAMMA WRAY - The painter's journey of William Wray" resulted of Loic's first encounter with William Wray during an art opening in Los Angeles in May 2013. After that first meeting, the French visual artist felt the need to follow the California based painter and document his artistic process. This inspiring year long journey of an uncompromising artist, takes us from historical downtown LA to the abandoned towns of Salton-Sea and back to the Artists light filled loft in the LA foothills. The filmmaker explores the artists connections with the superhero impersonators he's portraying for his recent series "Fortress of Delusion" as well as technique he uses to achieve his masterful paintings. It is a film that captures the moments of an Artists thoughts, his motivations, and his understanding of the mechanics behind the bridge between representational and abstract imagery within the painted canvas. It is a moving document of a great american painter.
A movie about an artist, by an artist. Simply beautiful.

Another exclusive opportunity for all the THU participants, before the event begins!