Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn

"This year, we wanted to take the sinergies between profissional artists and attendees to the next level." - says André Luís, THU co-founder, about the new mentorship sessions concept.

For 1 hour every day, a group of 10 lucky attendees will have private sessions with one of these mentors: Tiago Hoisel, In-Ah Roediger, Victor Hugo, Pedro Conti, Alex Oliver, Loic Zimmerman, José Alves da Silva, Jana Schirmer, Afonso Salcedo, Serge Birault, Marc Simonetti, Andrew Schmidt, Geoffrey Ernault.
The attendees will have to apply through a form available on the attendees group on facebook. Before the event, the groups will be selected randomly, by the 13 mentors, from papers on a hat.

After the small armies are gathered, the daily meetings can be held everywhere during the event, from the venue to the beach, from the pool to the marina, anything can literaly happen.

Another once in a lifetime opportunity that's too good to miss! DEADLINE TO APPLY: September 14th

Go or join the THU 2014 ATTENDEES group at

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