Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn


Prepare yourself to be amazed every single day at THU! There's no other place on Earth where you can find so many prodigious artists together, showing you how to improve your talents!

N talks

Talks and live demos

All you need is inspiration! Listen, watch and learn as the masters talk about their lives, their work and show how they create their artwork.

N firesidechats

fireside chats

Words of wisdom! The biggest names in the industry talk about what the future holds for upcoming artists.

N recruitmentsessions

Portfolio reviews

Show them what you got! Get your work reviewed by one of your heroes and get the best feedback you could wish for.

N workshops


To be the best, you got to learn from the best! The THU workshops will test your abilities to the maximum! Are you tough enough?

N mentorshipsessions

mentorship sessions

One great strategy is worth ten fights! Some of the THU knights will mentor ten warriors each, in private sessions all over the Tróia's battlefield.

N recruitment

recruitment sessions

History doesn't remember the weak! Submit your work for the THU recruitment sessions and, if you're good enough, you'll earn your priviledge for a job interview with the greatest companies in the world!

N livedrawingsessions

live drawing sessions

What you see is what you draw! Put your skills to the test with the guidance of a tutor and the inspiration of the Suicide Girls!

N artbattles

art battles

Prove yourself in combat! Fight along your heroes and other warriors in epic battles of artistry, creativity and speed!

N parties


Work hard, party harder! Every night, after the work is done, you can relax and have a drink with other warriors, knights and even legends!

plan ahead

Don't get lost in combat, plan your attack. Hit the link!

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